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The Regions of the United Kingdom

When planning your trip to the United Kingdom, it is important to understand the different regions of the country, as they are very different.


When people think of the United Kingdom, they may initially think of England. It is the largest of the four regions and most well-known, thanks to its capital city London, which is recognized as an international center of history and culture. England consists mostly of small, rolling hills and flatlands, and several large rivers such as the Thames runs through it.


The second largest region, Scotland is the northernmost region of the United Kingdom and sits on the North Sea. The primary cities within Scotland are the capital city of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Scotland varies in its geography, with the northern third of the region being popular for its tall mountain ranges, central Scotland being low valleys, and lower Scotland consisting of rolling hills.


To the west of England, Wales is perhaps the least known region of the United Kingdom. Wales is known for its long, beautiful coastline and its capital city of Cardiff. There are a variety of mountains in Wales that are beautiful and fun to climb. Wales is also known for being unusually rainy and having a very temperate climate.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is on its own island, separate from the other three regions of the United Kingdom. The capital city of Northern Ireland is Belfast, and the region is well known for its variety of uplands and lakes, such as Lough Neagh, the largest lake in the British Isles.

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