Worcestershire is a county based in the midlands region of the UK. The midlands are typically known for their sprawling landscapes and historic villages, and many consider them to be accurate samples of traditional English life. For this reason, it makes sense that many tourists may want to visit the midlands and experience an accurate representation of English life. Worcestershire is a classic example of midlands beauty as it combines wonderful landscapes with entertaining attractions such as zoos, theaters and markets.


Worcestershire has a long and interesting history with train transportation and the county has worked hard to preserve this part of their identity through the years. This can be seen on the Severn Valley Railway, where travelers can board historic steam trains and take scenic trips to neighboring counties and other desirable destinations. There is also a transportation museum in Worcestershire that has many fascinating train relics and information about transportation in the UK from distant eras.

Sites of Interest

The midlands is not short on interesting buildings that can educate as well as astound. Worcestershire in particular is home to the Hanbury Hall, a marvelous residence which has been converted into a hotel and a scenic grounds where visitors can enjoy wildlife (sheep, poultry) in the classy and historic surroundings. Similarly, Snowshill Manor is a slightly more rustic castle but still holds all of the same charm.

A Detox

Fitting for the soothing location, Worcestershire is also home to many different spas and beauty locations (such as nail bars or pedicures). One notable spa is the Serenity Rose Spa - this incredibly luxurious spa really feels like a treat and soothes the mind, the body and of course the soul. This is the perfect accompaniment for a visit to one of the UK's most aesthetically soothing counties.

While Worcestershire may not be the typical tourist location, it is one of many wonderful spots across the country that often go unnoticed by travelers and is arguably all the better for it. As a side note, those visiting are well advised to seek out a bottle of Worcestershire Sauce, fresh from the source. There are many varieties available from local shops, and they make a great gift to friends and loved ones upon returning home.