West Yorkshire County in Yorkshire attracts tourists from different parts of Europe, Asia and the Americas. Leeds City located in West Yorkshire has won an award for being the U.K’s Visitor City of the year. Bradford, Leeds and Wakefield are the three major locations in West Yorkshire containing a number of attractive sightseeing destinations for the visitors.


Little Germany in Bradford is a great place to visit as it contains 85 visually appealing buildings that were constructed based on German Architecture between the years 1855 and 1890. Out of the 85 buildings, 55 building has been added to the U.K Heritage List of buildings. Bradford is also famous for the St.Ives County park. The park contains a mixture of woodlands, wild flower gardens and open moors. There is an adventure playground in this park, where kids can have a whale of time. Coppice Pond is an added attraction in this park as it provides the visitors an opportunity to go fishing and also feed ducks in the pond. National Media Museum in Bradford is another great place to visit. The museum contains a collection of historical photographs, film and television clips.


The city center contains a number of attractions such as the Millennium Square, Town hall, St. John’s Cathedral, Leeds Art Gallery, Kirkgate Market, Holy Trinity Church and the Royal Armouries museum. Millennium square is an ever happening destination in Leeds with concerts, exhibitions and Christmas markets being held throughout the year. St. John’s Church was built in the 17th century and comes with a lot of ornamental interior wood work.

Kirkgate market is the largest traditional British market is the whole of Europe. The market contains a mixture of indoor and outdoor stalls. Marks and Spencer opened their first outlet in this market. Town hall contains some of the finest Victorian Buildings that one can see in the whole of Europe. The interior of the town hall has been renovated recently and attracts the attention of the visiting tourists.

Some of the best international concerts in United Kingdom happen at the town hall during the international season. National museum of Armories contains a collection of swords and guns used by the different Emperors. Armors used by King Henry VII and Emperor Macmillan are on display in this museum.


Some of the important places of tourist attraction in Wakefield include the Cathedral, Sandel Castle, Orangery, National coal mining museum and the Wake field Art Gallery.