The area of Suffolk is a historic English county in the region of East Anglia. Suffolk is one of the two easternmost counties in the United Kingdom, bordering the North Sea to the east. This county is primarily flat land, but also has a small number of hills and includes The Broads, a large wetlands crossing Suffolk and Norfolk.

The amount of arable land has made Suffolk one of the largest agricultural producers in the United Kingdom. While Suffolk lacks a significant amount of large cities, notable towns of interest in the area include Ipswich, Lowestoft and Felixstowe. The population of Suffolk currently hovers around 730,000 individuals.

Places of Interest

Perhaps the foremost aesthetic attraction in Suffolk is the Suffolk Coast and Heaths, and area spanning the eastern countryside and coast of the region. This area has been officially recognized as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a title given to a region by the United Kingdom to signify an area of natural, significant landscape value.

Beer and liquor enthusiasts have much to look forward to, as a number of breweries are based in Suffolk, including Adnams Brewery, The Old Cannon Brewery, Nethergate Brewery, which offer comprehensive, educational tours with samples. Framlingham Castle, built in 1948, offers a historical connection to classic British culture that fits in beautifully with the rolling countryside it is built around.

A number of museums in Suffolk can help tourists connect to the culture and history of the area, such as the East Anglia Transport Museum, the Museum of East Anglian Life, and the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum.

Other Popular Attractions

Sports and entertainment culture are also popular attractions in Suffolk. Ipswich Town, the county’s only professional football club, plays in the Football League Championship and can be watched in the town of Ipswich. In addition, the unofficial headquarters of British horseracing, the town of Newmarket, is also located in Suffolk, with a number of top horseracing organizations based in the town, a popular site of racehorse auctions, and location of the National Horseracing Museum.

Whether it’s enjoying a pint of the finest, enjoying the countryside, or cheering on the local team, Suffolk has a wide variety of attractions to keep you entertained and satisfied!