Located in South West England, Somerset serves as a major agricultural center for the area and tourism is also one of the highest employment sectors in the county. This means that there is no shortage of things to do and see in the area.


There are many museums located within the immediate area of Somerset. Romans Bath Museum offers the opportunity for visitors to observe the remains of an ancient religious spa as well as take in some sight-seeing throughout the city. The Museum of Somerset, located in Taunton and refurbished in 2011, offers up a family-friendly experience. The museum offers insight into the history of Somerset. Visitors can also eat in the tea room located on the premises.

Another popular museum in the Somerset area is the Fleet Air Arm Museum. This museum houses the largest collection of naval aircraft in all of Europe and also offers simulations of flights via the use of projection screens. One of the quirkier museums in the area is the Bakelite Museum. This three floor building serves as a treasure trove of knick-knacks, curios, and doo-dads from the past. Items here range from antique farming equipment to radios to old kitchen appliances and browsing the museum is like stepping back in time. Admission to the Bakelite Museum is free, though donations are accepted from patrons.

Parks, Gardens, and Shopping

Many parks and public gardens also dot the landscape of Somerset. Royal Victoria Park is commonly regarded as one of the top outdoor destinations in the area and is child-friendly - offering up a large play area for the young ones that includes a sand pit, slide, swings, and a climbing frame. Alexandra Park is also a very popular outdoor spot, though a bit more off the beaten path.

Catherine Hill is one of the more popular shopping destinations in the area. Located on a cobble stone paved hill, this shopping center primarily caters to individualistic, artsy type shops. Visitors will find many unique boutiques, cafes, jewelers, and flower shops in this neighborhood and it will definitely appeal to anyone looking to claim that one of a kind find.

Whether visiting one of the many museums in the area, taking in some sight-seeing in one of the many local parks and gardens or searching for vintage clothes in the quirky shopping district - visitors will be sure to find something in Somerset that calls out to them.