Oxfordshire is a county in the south of England that has very close proximity to many major cities such as London and Bristol. The city is well-known throughout the world for its ancient charm and of course for the elite university that it is home to. Oxfordshire is every bit as magical in reality as it has been portrayed in film - the towns and parks feel like well-maintained relics from a classic era of architecture, while the resources and entertainment are some of the most modern and enjoyable in the entire country.

The Arts

Oxfordshire is known for its love of the arts, and this love can be felt all around the county and particularly in the heart of the city. The Creation Theater Company offer productions in a unique outdoor theater setting with highly skilled actors and writers. This is a particular favorite among the locals and is a little taste of something that is uniquely Oxford. For those that have a love for literature, a trip to the Bodleian Library is an absolute must. This library is grand in scale and design and really conveys the wonder and seemingly infinite degree of imagination that is at the essence of literature.


Most major cities in the UK will have a very good parks system but Oxfordshire really goes above and beyond with many privately owned parks that are open to the public. There are of course government-run parks too, but it's testament to the county's love of parks that there are so many of such a high quality. For a scenic walk that won't take all day, Christ Church Meadow leads the traveler right through the heart of Oxford. Movie fans may even take a glimpse of areas on this trail where scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed.


Oxfordshire is also quite well known for its rowing, it is a long held tradition in the county and every year two teams of local students battle it out and race down the river. This tradition has been captured in the River & Rowing museum - an interesting look at the tradition itself along with other facts and history regarding the charismatic river. As mentioned earlier in the article, Oxfordshire has a long love-affair with theater and one modern take on this obsession can be found and enjoyed at Cornerstone. Cornerstone offers drinks, food and modern arts in nearly all mediums in a wonderful new building.