North Yorkshire provides a variety of attractions to visit for the traveling guests. There are castles, museums, theme parks, zoos, farms and historical houses to visit in North Yorkshire. When it comes to the castles and abbeys, there is the Bolton Castle, Bolton Abbey Estate and Byland Abbey to visit. Bolton Castle provides a wide range of options to the travelers including the historical tours and educational tours.

Even for the local people living in North Yorkshire, Bolton Castle provides a wide range of options as a venue for family get together and weddings. The daily events that are slated to take place include Archery demonstration, Hawk and owl display and Falcon display. After the Archery demonstration, the individuals can lay their hands on the bow and shoot their first arrows. Visitors can also have a glimpse at a rare breed of sheep.

Parks and Zoos

Northern Yorkshire is also famous for its theme parks and zoos. Flamingo Land Park is a mixture of zoo and theme park. After seeing all the animals in the zoo, family members can enjoy the fascinating rides in the theme park. Flamingo Land Zoo is home to a number of animals like African Lion, Bactrian camel, Brazilian Tapir, California Sea Lion, Meerkats, Red Kangaroos, Sumatran Tiger and White rhinos. This part of Yorkshire is also famous for its museums. Some of the popular museums include Captain Cook school room museum, Back Isle museum of rural life, Dale’s countryside museum and Eden camp modern history themed museum.

Stately Homes of Yorkshire

In addition to the museums, visitors can also have a look at the historical and stately houses that has withstood the test of time. Aske Hall is one such historic house that is located in Richmond in North Yorkshire. Beninborrough Hall and garden is another historical home that belongs to the 18th century. This house contains a number of interactive galleries and national portrait gallery paintings. Visitors have a lot of things to do, such as walking through the pear arches and hidden gateways along the labyrinth paths. North Yorkshire has a number of steam locomotives running that would take the travelers across the rural countryside.