The North Downs are a series of hills and stretches of grassy land that cover a large area in the south of England. They are considered by many to be some of the most beautiful areas of natural scenery in the UK, with several iconic areas being notable. The North Downs are located quite close to a number of major cities in the south of England, which makes them surprisingly accessible for those interested in seeing the greener side of the country.

White Cliffs of Dover

These cliffs are noticeable from a long distance as they form a bright white chalk all along the cliff-face. This is also notable as being the closest point one can get to France while still being on British soil. The cliffs are large and iconic in that they have been frequently sung about and featured in British movies and songs of the last 100 years. It can require quite a hike to get this far (although of course it depends where the hike begins) but it's certainly worth it for the fantastic views and to see the sea splash up against the great white cliffs.

Box Hill

This area is located close to Surrey and Greater London, it's arguably the most attractive area of the downs and the part of the trail that has received the most care over the years. Box Hill receives a lot of attention in part due to the interesting and rare wildlife and plants that can be found there. There is a visitor center that can help visitors understand where to go to see the most spectacular sites and more information on the intriguing surroundings.

Wye Downs

For a smaller area of land in the Downs that has a more rugged beauty, the Wye Downs are a great place for visitors to put on some hiking boots and travel through the woodland. The views from the Wye are pretty good and certainly worth the walk to get to - it doesn't span the same distances that Box Hill does, but many find the 'unbeaten path' atmosphere of the Wye to be more preferable.