Everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of life, so if you are feeling like you would like a vacation, you really should look into spending your next holiday in Newport. Newport is such a pretty area that it will really let you enjoy yourself and you will return to real life with your batteries charged.

Beechwood Ornamental Park

Beechwood Ornamental Park is a park where the people of Newport get together for a good time and is well worth a visit. This is a nice open space, but it also has a lot of good activities visitors can engage in. There are bowling and tennis facilities for those who like these sports. If you enjoy working on crafts, Beechwood Ornamental Park has a nice workshop for these. Beechwood House is a central part of the park and it is a nice building to take a look at for visitors.

Dewstowe Gardens and Grottoes

Dewstowe Gardens and Grottoes is one of the nicest attractions in Newport. Strangely it is not well known, but it is a real gem that you won't want to miss out on. The grottoes were man made in the Victorian era. They were built above ground, and then later were buried during World War II. The overall effect is similar to entering a cave and is really quite beautiful and definitely unique. The gardens of Dewstoew Gardens and Grottoes are beautiful and feature artificial waterfalls. You will enjoy wandering in the beauty of Dewstowe Gardens and Grottoes.

Cardiff Castle

If you enjoy exploring ancient castles, you are in for a real treat at Cardiff Castle. This castle is right in the middle of the city which makes it easy to visit during your stay in Newport. The public is welcome to come learn about the two thousand years of history of Cardiff Castle. Audio guides are available so you can learn about Cardiff Castle at your own pace.

Newport is really a destination that is not to be missed. You will probably find yourself wanting to come back several times to take advantage of the lovely area that Newport is.