If you are planning your next vacation and want to visit somewhere truly special, Neath Port Talbot is the perfect vacation destination for you. At Neath Port Talbot you will find some really spectacular scenery that you will remember for a lifetime.

Waterfall Country

Neath Port Talbot is known for its many waterfalls. Take a walk in Waterfall Country and you will see a sequence of waterfalls that is not to be matched. Some of the walks that take you to see beautiful waterfalls include Sgwd yr Eira, Melincourt Falls, Aberdulais and Sgwd Gwladys.


If you like riding your bicycle around a beautiful countryside, Neath Port Talbot is an area you won't want to miss. Some of the routes that can be cycled in Neath Port Talbot include the Afan Forest Park, the Cwn Tawe Trail, the Celtic Trail and the High Level. You can bring your own bicycle to ride these trails, or if you would prefer to rent a bicycle so you don't have to bring your own bicycle, you can find rental bicycles in the area.

Beautiful Valleys and Vales

Neath Port Talbot has five valleys and vales, each with its own geography and history. Explore these valleys and vales for an enjoyable adventure. These are the Vale of Neath, Dulais Valley, Afan Valley, Swansea Valley and Upper Amman Valley.


Neath Port Talbot is a paradise for walking enthusiasts. There are many trials to be found in Afan Forest Park, actually fourteen different trails. Other trails can be found Margam Country Park and of course Waterfall Country has a large number of walks. If you enjoy walking along a trail that has beautiful views of a coastline, check out the Neath Port Talbot Coast Path for views of the Devon coastline as well as the Somerset coastline.

You will find yourself enchanted with the beautiful scenery of Neath Port Talbot. One of the dangers of visiting Neath Port Talbot it that you could easily fall so in love with this beautiful area that you will never want to leave. On thing that is certain is that you will never forget your vacation here.