County Antrim

The District of Moyle is in Country Antrim, in the northernmost part. All of Moyle is located in County Antrim. Moyle also holds the privilege of containing the Glens of Antrim, the Giant's Causeway and Rathlin Island.

Cities of Moyle District

The main settlement of Moyle District is Ballycastle. Waterfoot is within one mile of beach, on the coastline. Ballintoy has very few residents but does have small shops, accommodation for tourists, two churches, and restaurants. Armory Village, which has Irish tower ruins from a monastery dating back to 460 A.D,. is at the meeting point of three Glens of Antrim. More settlements include Cushendun, that was made to resemble a Cornish Village in honor of Lord Cushendun, and Bushmills which is named after River Bush and the local watermill.

The Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway is an amazing group of basalt columns that came about due to an ancient volcanic eruption. It is found on the coast approximately three miles from Bushmills. The Giant's Causeway is a National Nature Reserve and a World Heritage Site. Its popularity with the people caused it to be rated and named as the fourth greatest natural wonder of the UK. The columns' interlocking formation create stepping stones that you can actually walk across, and it is a great tourist attraction. People from everywhere in the world come to see it.

There is a visitors' center that was architecturally designed to have a low carbon footprint and be ecologically friendly; the admission charge is $8.50. The facade of the Visitor Centre is fashioned after the basalt columns and holds a cafeteria as well as merchandise for sale. Even though there is a charge at the Visitor Centre, the pathway to the Causeway carries no charge; anyone and everyone can go down the pathway and view the Causeway Stones.

Rathlin Island

This island is the literal northernmost section of County Antrim, Northern Ireland and Moyle District. It is an inhabited island Rathlin is only 15.5 miles from Kintyre Peninsula of Scotland. Ferries service the island. The island's main port, Church Bay, offers ferry service to Ballycastle. One ferry is only for people while the other ferry carries people and also cars when the weather is right.

Ballycastle is six miles from Church Bay. The island was formed from overspills from volcanoes erupting. It is a Special Area of Conservation with unusual birds like razorbills, kittiwakes, puffins and guillemots. There are beautiful cliffs on this island and a cave known as Bruce's Cave. Around the island are a submerged crater, fan mussels, shipwreck sites and newly mutated anemone. Vikings first raided Ireland by launching on Rathlin in 795 A.D.

The White Lady

The White Lady is a scenic attraction that was carved naturally by the sea's waves beating against limestone and thereby creating this chalk monument by the sea, It can be seen from the water and from the A2 highway in Waterfoot.

Auld Lammas Fair

Ballycastle is the location of the annual Auld Lammas Fair where you can buy traditional foods including the local honeycomb and the seaweed known as dulse, sometimes used in sushi rolls and other dishes popular in Japanese cuisine. There is also livestock for sale at the fair. A bomb scare in August of 2001 was remedied by the Royal Ulster Constabulary which was the Northern Ireland police force at that time.

Old Bushmill Distillery

The distillery receives a lot of attention from tourists. The Bushmill label is not produced anywhere else. The labels bear the date of 1608 which is when King James I granted the distillery its license.