If you are trying to decide where to go on your next vacation, you should really consider taking a trip to visit Moray. Moray is a beautiful area with many activities to take part in and you will be happy you made the decision to take your vacation there.

Moray Leisure Centre

The Moray Leisure Centre has quite a few activities that you will find enjoyable. Some of these include a spa, a relaxation suite and a health suite. For those wanting a more active time, check out their squash court and pools for swimming and recreation as well as the ice rink for ice skating. If you have small children you won't need to worry about watching them because the Moray Leisure Centre has a babysitting center and a soft play area that is specifically designed for the use of children.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities is one of the areas in which Moray shines. If you like to walk or hike you are in for a treat. For the more daring there is rock climbing and abseiling as well as mountaineering. You can bring your bicycle and hit some of Moray's trails, or if you prefer to rent a bicycle those are available in the area. For those who like water sports, Moray is known for canoeing opportunities as well as river rafting. For the outdoor enthusiast they are sure to find something they will like to do in Moray.

Culbin Forest

One of the more beautiful attractions in Moray is Culbin Forest. Culbin Forest has some beautiful scenery to take in such as Dragonfly Pool and Otter Pools. For those who like bird watching there are some good spots to observe sea birds in the Culbin Forest area. There are trails all over Culbin Forest that are suitable for walking, cycling or even riding a horse on.

Moray is a destination that you will be happy you discovered. You might well spend the last few days of your vacation thinking about coming back and deciding which of the many activities you want to do this time and which you will need to save for another trip.