Leicestershire contains one of the most famous old cities of England. Museums and attractions bring this 2000-year history to life. The town has remarkable historical places and museums.


Previously Leicestershire was populated by the Corieltauvi tribe and named Ratae Coritanorum. Later progress made Leicester the largest town in Roman Britain. It was ruled by the Romans up to 5th Century, and by Danish up to the 9th century. After that the Normans started work on the castle and carried the authority of 322 residences.


Leicestershire is at the cutting edge for environmental consciousness in the UK, and has won awards for environmental activities. The area’s environment is always improving. It contains impressive buildings, unique shops, well-made restaurants, throbbing nightlife, and much more.

List of Famous Museums in Leicestershire

  • Snibston Discovery Museum: which reveals the history of Science and technology.
  • Bossworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and Country Park: which exposes the history of the Battle of Bossworth in 1495.
  • Harborough Museum: which displays cultural, local and industrial history.
  • Charnwood Museum: which explains the history of geology and archeology in the area.
  • Jewry Wall Museum: which shows the public baths that existed during Roman rule.
  • New Walk Museum and Art Gallery: comprises of history related to dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, and World Art.

Parks and Greens

Leicestershire is famous for greenery. Here are some of the top parks to check out:

  • Abbey Park
  • Bradgate Park
  • Braunstone Park
  • Brocks Hill Visitor Centre and Country Park
  • Castle Garden
  • Evington Park

Other Popular Attractions

The National Space Centre is a famous attraction in Leicestershire, which is situated near the River Soar. It consists of information related to astronomy and space science. It has won many awards and is considered the “brain” of the University in Leicestershire. Another famous place is Walkers Stadium. It is a football stadium that holds 32,500 people. Leicestershire is area full of greenery and fantastic symbols of England’s history. It is a great place to visit if you are interested in nature or Britain’s past, as both are preserved well here.