No visit to the United Kingdom would be complete without visiting Glasgow. As the largest city in Scotland, and the third largest in the UK by population, Glasgow is a perfect stop for those who want a taste of what Scottish culture has to offer. This former industrial center has, over the years, become one of the UK's key centers for commerce and culture. It also makes for an excellent tourist spot, with plenty of beautiful traditional architecture, museums, and even parks.

Things to See

The first thing you'll notice about Glasgow, before even checking any tourist sites on your list, is just how beautiful it is. The city is home to some of the most visually appealing architecture in all of Scotland. There are plenty of examples of good looking buildings throughout the city, from cathedrals to subway stations to universities.

One must see sight is Glasgow Cathedral, originally built in 397 AD. It's a great example of Gothic architecture in Glasgow. St. Enoch Subway Station is also worth taking a look at - this historical subway station sits in the middle of St. Enoch Square and currently serves as a coffee shop. Taking a stroll through Glasgow University should also be on any Scotland visitor's list; the neo-gothic architecture of the UK's fourth oldest University is a sight to behold. Glasgow is also surprisingly well known for its parks; it has probably the highest amount of green space in the United Kingdom. The Botanic Gardens and Glasgow Green are just two worth checking out for a nice peaceful stroll.

Things to Do

Besides the sights, Glasgow is famous for a variety of activities that will appeal to everyone. The city has thriving music scene, with plenty of nightclubs and concert venues. Those interested in higher art will do well to visit venues such as Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and the Theatre Royal, famous for orchestras and plays. Finally there's football, which is as popular in Glasgow as it is in the rest of the country. Glasgow has three professional teams and some of the largest stadiums in Scotland.

Glasgow has what you'd expect from a city of its size, plus a lot else that gives it a unique Scottish flavor. As one of the biggest cities in the UK, Scotland is a must for those visiting the country.