Flintshire is located to the north of Wales in the United Kingdom. It is one of many scenic locations in Wales and is rather typical of the Welsh landscape and architecture. This location is an extremely desirable place for those that wish to relax in the natural splendor of an old and unique county. The weather in Flintshire may not always be suitable for tourism, but what it lacks in a consistent climate, it makes up for in charm and character.

Natural Attractions

There are a number of parks located in Flintshire, but one of the most popular is the Greenfield Valley Heritage Park. This park boasts all of the usual attractions - woodland, trails, bike paths - along with scheduled entertainment, educational guides, and a small petting zoo. For those that wish to enjoy a more natural, adventure-friendly park - Loggerheads may be the right choice. Loggerheads has a large area of natural, sprawling woodland that is accessible and challenging, depending on how adventurous the visitor wishes to get. Amenities such as pubs and snack-outlets are available at the entry of the park.


Entertainment in this part of the country is not typically catered towards a younger, noisier crowd, however there is a number of sophisticated events intended for a more mature audience during any given week. The Old Wine Vault is a bar that plays live music - typically in the blues/folk vein, but there are exceptions. Alternatively, the Clwyd Theatr Cymru is a theater that showcases a number of plays for both the young and the old. Famous traditional pantomimes can be seen here, along with re-imaginings of historic plays that are familiar to all.


The UK is famous for its love of pubs (public houses - bars) and it isn't hard to come by a nice, locally owned pub in Flintshire. Some local favorites include The Blue Bell In, the Boars Head, and of course the aforementioned Old Wine Vault. These pubs typically sell very nice, traditional style beer and cider at a very affordable price.

Flintshire is a great family destination and due to it being far away from the busy and packed tourism hotspots of the UK, it's very easy to relax and enjoy some time away from it all. It may not necessarily be suited to those looking for an action-packed summer vacation, but it is something slightly off the beaten path, and provides a true, authentic representation of Welsh life.