Fife is a county and also a peninsula located to the east of Scotland. It is one of the most populace counties in Scotland and is therefore quite well serviced by a number of attractions and amenities. Fife, like many of the oldest areas of Scotland, has a lot of interesting history and this is part of what makes it such an attractive tourist hot-spot. A visit to Fife would be recommended for anyone that loves history (particularly Scottish history) and for those with a love for golf, as the game has its origins in Fife.

St Andrews Cathedral

This incredibly old and interesting cathedral stands as a monument to a bygone era of religious architecture. While much of the building has gone through significant damage - the history in the walls can be seen and felt through every corner. The grand structure and scope of the building is still very much in place and it allows for the mind to really imagine how wonderful the building must have been in the early days of its conception. The cathedral is also home to a museum that displays some fascinating relics that all tell a story.

Golfing Activities and History

As the home of Golf, Fife is proud of the game and this is evident by the number of world-class courses available in the county. Many people from all over the world come to Fife to try some of the well maintained and scenic golf courses available. One of the most popular courses is the Kingsbarn Golf Links - the Kingsbarn is maintained by professionals and has an incredible sea view. Guests are treated with respect and will enjoy golfing in such historic surroundings. However, for many, the prime golfing attraction is St Andrews Links. St Andrews is full of golfing history and many consider it the spiritual home of Golf.


Scotland has a lot of interesting wildlife. In fact, few people are aware that some penguins are native to certain Scottish islands. In Fife, some of the most beautiful creatures - deer - are showcased in the Scottish Deer Centre. This large open area also has many glorious large birds and is run by extremely knowledgeable staff. A truly stunning place to visit, especially if the weather is nice.