Eilean Siar, otherwise known as the Outer Hebrides, is an island to the west of Scotland. It is made up of a mainland then multiple smaller islands - with some being uninhabited. This island is home to many historically relevant monuments and relics that date back to the earliest records of time and beyond. Some do consider Eilean Star to be the historical home of Scotland as it contains many vital structures of this kind. The appeal for many who make the trip to this area is that it is very much a living, breathing museum that must be seen to be believed.


Travel between islands can be somewhat difficult as there is no firm infrastructure in place to get tourists from one place to the other. However, it is not uncommon for people to have boats in the Hebrides, so finding a kind resident to either transport or rent a boat out might not be too difficult. It is certainly up to chance, however, and this is all part of the adventure here. Of course, not every island will need to be visited as many are quite plain, but the ones with the best views and attractions will often be serviced by an operator living close to the shore of the island itself.


For those interested in mythology, this part of Scotland has a rich history of it. It is in many ways similar to the style of mythology employed by their close neighbors - Iceland - in that there is an emphasis on cryptozoology. Talking to the locals will confirm many sightings of loch monsters (yes, including nessy) as well as mermaids and other beasts. The feeling of other-worldliness in the Outer Hebrides is so intense that it's easy to buy into these myths, and it really does add to the overall experience of visiting the islands.

Water Sports

Believe it or not, this quiet island has a passion for extreme water sports. Including surfing, kayaking and diving, the scenic cliffs and waters here make for excellent fun. In the winter, some may find diving and swimming to be slightly too cold, but surfers can be seen enjoying the waves every month of the year. There are instructors available near the surfing hot spots, and this can be a great way to add a little spice and vitality to the trip.