If you are trying to think of a place in the United Kingdom that would be a fun place to take a vacation, East Sussex is well worth considering. With many enjoyable destinations, East Sussex is sure to have something for everyone.

Ashdown Forest

One of the fun destinations in East Sussex is Ashdown Forest. This forest has some interesting sights to see such as the Hanging Tree, which is the site where two brothers who were highway robbers were hanged. Also there is the Airman's Grave, which is a site where 6 airmen were buried after their bomber crashed in 1941. Or you can tour the Old Radio Station, which was a radio station used during World War II.

Best of all, Ashdown Forest is known as the inspiration for the forest in the well-known and much loved children's book Winnie the Pooh. Many of the places in Ashdown Forest are the same as found in the story, although the names have been changed. Many people remember Winnie the Pooh from their childhood and will enjoy wandering around Ashdown Forest seeing the locations that inspired the book.


One of the nice destinations in East Sussex is the charming town of Eastbourne. Eastbourne is not as developed for tourism as some of the towns in the UK and thus has a more casual and laid back feel. At the same time, there are fun events, such as seafront concerts performed daily during the holiday season at a bandstand that was built in 1935. Eastbourne's seafront is mostly undeveloped and is seen as an escape from the noisy tourist towns.


For history buffs, Battle is a destination not to be missed. Battle is the site of the 1066 Battle of Hastings in which King Harold of England and William the Conqueror fought. The Battle Abbey and Battlefield are the best places to learn about this historic war.

If you are thinking of visiting East Sussex you will find that not only is it a charming area with plenty of history, but once you go there you may not want to leave.