East Ayrshire is an area of southern Scotland that borders on multiple connecting counties and councils. It's a relatively small place, and boasts an incredibly quaint atmosphere with a surprising number of things to do and see. Visiting East Ayrshire is liking taking a step into a history book - it is modern - but the castles on display around the area are breathtakingly in design. A visit to East Ayrshire is strongly recommended for anybody who likes to have a quiet, relaxing vacation.


Perhaps the biggest draw of East Ayrshire are the castles. Rowallan Castle, Dumfries House, and Castle William are all wonderful sites to visit and spend some time enjoying the architecture. On sunny days, it may be nice to take a picnic and really spend a few hours taking in the history of these buildings and their surroundings. Some of the bigger castles do offer tours and educational guides during certain parts of the day.


One of the most popular attractions in East Ayrshire is the The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory. This observatory is run and maintained by those passionate about astronomy and is setup to a very high level. The telescope, on a clear night, will enable visitors to see and enjoy multiple stars and quirks that can be pointed out by the staff inside. Bookings are necessary as this is quite a popular attraction, but the friendly staff at the observatory will be more than happy to assist in picking the right time to visit.


Farming and agriculture make up a good chunk of the economy in East Ayrshire, and one such attraction by the name of Blackstone Clydesdales has incorporated that part of its identity into an attraction. At Blackstone, visitors can have a very hands-on approach to the farming lifestyle - without any of the heavy lifting or sweat! There are beautiful horses here that can be touched, fed and brushed. One unique attraction here is the ability to operate a large digger - this is something that most wouldn't expect to find in a larger city and is truly a special opportunity.