Coleraine is a town located in the scenic and history-rich county of Londonderry, Northern Ireland. With close links to Belfast, this fascinating town is accessible via major airports and other transportation. Many people can trace their roots back to some form of Irish ancestry, so the interest in visiting Ireland can be strong for some. Coleraine is a wonderful to experience authentic Irish life while also taking in scenes of breathtaking natural scenery.

Parks & More

Parks in Coleraine are not scarce and offer a great opportunity for visitors to get some exercise while enjoying the surroundings of Coleraine on foot. The incredibly well preserved Anderson Park is an ideal place for a family stroll as it offers many amenities for children such as swings. The walk itself is very scenic and allows visitors to walk through the center of the town in a uniquely lush and natural environment. Other parks closely connect to Anderson and vary in their family friendliness. Some of the more rugged park areas are more suited to those that wish to adventure freely.

Family Fun

Depending on the time of the year, the weather is not guaranteed to be fantastic. In a town where many of the most attractive activities are to be enjoyed outside, it's important to have a rain-proof alternative for the children. This is where Cheeky Chimps comes in - it's a great way for kids to burn off some energy in a fun, clean environment. The pricing is very reasonable and it's completely worth the entry fee for the joy it will provide to the children.

Adult Fun

Well, it can't all be about the kids! A very short drive from Coleraine will find visitors in the world-famous Bushmills Distillery. Bushmills is drank all over the world and many tourists visit the distillery to enjoy the history of this fine whiskey. There are tours available along with an interesting museum and a gift shop where whiskey can be purchased. Certain types of Bushmills, including aged whiskey, can be purchased only here and is not available anywhere else. Fans of whiskey in general are advised to visit this distillery.