If you are thinking of visiting the Channel Islands, you are really in for a treat. There are several wonderful aspects about the Channel Islands that make them an ideal vacation destination.


Sark is a destination that takes you back in time. Motorized vehicles are not allowed in Sark, so you will find yourself walking or cycling everywhere you go on this beautiful island. One activity that people find enchanting at Sark is bicycling around the coastline at night, especially on a moon lit night.

Jersey War Tunnels

The Channel Islands have a fascinating history in that they were occupied during World War II. The Jersey war tunnels is a museum in a hospital that is connected by tunnels to locations all over the island. Visitor to the Jersey War Tunnels museum will get a feel for what life was like for the inhabitants of Jersey during the German occupation.

Outdoor Activities

Those who like to swim will find a beautiful place to do so at Shell Beach. In addition, many visitors find that kayaking around the beautiful coastlines of the Channel Islands makes for a perfect day's adventure. Others prefer to stay on land and find themselves hiking on the many beautiful trails or exploring the neolithic tombs that can be found on the island of Herm.


For the naturalist, nothing can beat a boat trip to Alderney. This island is remote from the other Channel Islands and has a diverse bird watching experience. Puffins and gannets can be viewed at your leisure. But Alderney is not all tranquility, if you visit during Alderney Week be prepared for a chaotic time as the carnival atmosphere can get quite wild. This is a popular event so you will want to be sure to arrange for accommodations well ahead of time.

If you haven't had a chance to visit the Channel Islands yet, you owe it to yourself to take a trip there and see why it is that everyone who visits the Channel Islands finds themselves thinking ahead to when their next trip will be. There is so much to do you need a few trips.