For tourists visiting Cardiff, Cardiff Bay is the right location to start their sightseeing tour. Cardiff Bay has a number of attractions to see and enjoy including the Wales Millenium center, Norwegian church and the Doctor Who experience.

Wales Millennium Center

Wales Millennium Center was constructed in the year 2004 and is one of the most popular arts and cultural center in the entire Wales region. With its beautiful exteriors it attracts visitors from across the globe. Visitors come here to enjoy ballet, hip hop, opera and West End musicals. There is also the guided backstage tour that takes the visitors to the different attractions in Cardiff. There are also other tours such as the architectural and technical tours for visitors interested in knowing more specific details about the architecture.

Norwegian Church Art Center

Norwegian church art center another famous landmark in the Cardiff bay side. There are live musical shows and workshops happening through the year at this historic center. This center was primarily built for Norwegian sailors. This is the church where the famous child author Roald Dahl was christened. The Dahl gallery located inside the art center is home to a number of paintings and photos.

The Doctor Who Experience

For those interested in a bit of action and adventure, the Doctor Who experience would be a great place to explore. In this adventure through time and space, the audience has to guide and help the doctor to escape from a series of monsters. In addition to this thrilling visual simulation experience, the theater also contains the costumes used the doctor since this particular simulation game was made available in 1963.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is another remarkable place to visit in Cardiff. Situated right in the middle of Cardiff, there are a number of tours available to visit the different attractions in Cardiff castle. There is an interpretation center that shows a film about the Cardiff castle and its rich history. The guided tour takes the visitor through all the major apartments in Cardiff castle. Visitors would also be taken through the walkways around the castle battlements. There are also guided tours available about the wartime shelters that are still being preserved at this castle.