Angus, located to the east of Scotland, is one of the larger counties that Scotland has to offer. Angus is notable for being an extremely historic place in that it was where Scotland first established itself as a separate entity. The county, to this day, remain proud of this history and this can be felt all over with lots of educational sites and memorials to the rich and intriguing history here. Angus is a great Scottish county to visit as it on the larger side and can therefore host a varied selection of attractions and dining experiences. Those looking for a traditional Scottish vacation with a modern twist would be advised to consider Angus.


The Scottish people love to golf, which is surprising given the above average rainfall in any given year in Scotland. However, they don't let this deter them from their passion, and that passion is visible in the many fabulous golf courses on offer in Angus. The Carnoustie Golf Links is one very popular course which has very beautiful surroundings that can immerse the players in the familiar but beautiful Scottish landscape. The service here is also very good and is advisable for anybody looking to try golfing in another country.

Natural Beauty

Scotland is home to many hills and rivers that make up some of the most iconic images of Scotland shared around the world. The image of rolling green hills can be found everywhere from Geography textbooks to bottles of whiskey. The Angus Glens is a marvelous display of natural scenery that is perfect for strolls, hikes and even camping adventures. It is advisable to check for weather if planning to stay more than a few hours, but it is well worth planning for


A visit to Scotland wouldn't be complete without a trip to one of its most beloved houses and castles. Angus is home to the House of Dun - this was a house designed, built and maintained for a number of years by the formidable architect William Adam. The house is a must-see for anyone interested in house design as it is considered a classic of its style. It's also a great place to bring children as there are often seasonal activities such as Easter-themed hunts and more.