For those who are interested in visiting somewhere off the beaten path in Scotland, Aberdeen City might just be what you're looking for. Located in the northeast of the United Kingdom, Aberdeen is a fairly remote port city, which nonetheless has a lot to offer despite its distance from other major tourist spots in Scotland. Famous for its recent growth, education opportunities, festivals, and beautiful views of the North Sea, Aberdeen makes for a great side trip during your travels through Scotland.

What's There to See?

Aberdeen has a lot of great sights that reflect its unique status, character, and history. A simple stroll along the city will show you its wonderful architecture - much of its buildings are made from granite - as well as many of its museums, parks, and other destinations. One of the most noteworthy of these is the Aberdeen Art Gallery. Built in a Victorian style, the museum contains works from many famous English and Scottish artists, such as Tracy Emin. It also has a great selection of more traditional works.

The Maritime Museum is also worth stopping by. This unique museum contains plenty of information and exhibitions about Aberdeen's unique relationship with the sea. Not only does it offer a lot of good technical information about things like ships and navigation, but it also has exhibits that go into the lives of ordinary people involved in the sea.

If you haven't had enough of the sea after that, you can always visit Aberdeen Beach. Chances are the weather won't be warm enough for a dip in the North Sea, but you can still enjoy the cool weather and excellent views. It also includes plenty of distractions, such as an amusement park and movie complex.

Check Out Aberdeen's Events

Aberdeen has a number of interesting festivals and events throughout the year. The most famous is probably the Aberdeen International Youth Festival, usually held in July or August. The festival is one of the most famous in all of Scotland, and it brings over a thousand young professional artists from all corners of the world. There's also a Jazz festival every March, and a Writer's Festival every May, both of which help cement Aberdeen's status as an arts center in the UK.

Scotland is more famous for other sights and major cities, such as Glasgow. Those who take the time visit Aberdeen, however, will be impressed by its beautiful architecture, ocean views, and art exhibits and festivals.