Wrexham is located in the North of Wales and is recognized as the largest town in the area. Situated on a flat plateau between the Dee Valley forming the border of Cheshire and the Welsh mountains, Wrexham is a major center of Wales’ industries in retail, commercial products, and educational output. Wrexham’s population hovers around 65,000, which is reported as the seventh-largest in Wales.

Points of Interest

The town of Wrexham contains many interesting tourism and leisure attractions. Wrexham is home to many different sporting teams, such as professional football team Wrexham F.C. in the English Football Conference, the Crusaders Rugby League, and various local teams for basketball, hockey, and horse-racing, among other events. The beauty and simplicity of Wrexham give it the perfect landscape for open public parks; the town includes three parks: Bellevue Park, Action Park, and Erddig Park. These parks are expansive and stunning, and also include interesting and iconic architectural landmarks, such as the “Cup and Saucer” exhibit at Erddig Park.

The remnants of the famous Holt Castle are also located to the east of Wrexham, providing an interesting and solemn connection to the history of the area. Many tourists also come to Wrexham to visit St. Giles Church, which was constructed in the sixteenth century and is known as one of the Seven Wonders of Wales.

Things to Do

If the arts are your primary interest, Wrexham includes a variety of theatres and a vibrant theatre community, and has hosted the National Eisteddfod, an annual celebration of Welsh literature, music, and performance, 6 times since 1888. If the night life is your preference, Wrexham has a number of nightclubs around town that provide a blend of entertainment and excitement. The town of Wrexham also includes a wide variety of shopping and retail opportunities, with primary shopping centers residing on Bank Street, Henblas Street, and High Street.

The Welsh town of Wrexham provides the perfect mix of quaint, natural beauty and modern, bustling social life that is an essential component of any tourists stay in the United Kingdom.

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