Wiltshire has an exciting range of attractions for people of different age groups. Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument that is also part of the world heritage site is located in Wiltshire. One of the amazing features of Stonehenge is its orientation towards the direction of rising and setting sun. Some of the monuments that can be seen in Stonehenge include earthworks and burial mounds. There is also a gift shop and coffee shop available in Stonehenge.

Longleat Safari and Adventure Park

For people interested in having a taste of seeing wildlife in Wiltshire, there is the LongLeat Safari and Adventure Park. This safari park is U.K’s number one safari park and is a must visit for all tourists visiting this part of United Kingdom. The safari ride is a thrill a minute ride with the visitors coming across a wide range of animals like lemurs, giraffes, stingrays and gorillas. LongLeat safari park conducts a number of special events during various points in the year including special shows on Halloween weekends, Independence Day and Christmas weekends.

There are two fine hotels located within the park complex and visitors can opt for the stay and play package provided by LongLeat. This park is located in Warminster in Wiltshire. Visiting guests can also see a wide range of castles and monuments in Wiltshire.

Castle Combe Circuit

Castle Combe Circuit is another popular attraction and is widely recognized as one of the prestigious circuits in the U.K car racing industry. There is a racing school available in this circuit. This school provides a real life experience of getting in and driving a racing car.


Wiltshire also has a wide range of museums including Salisbury and South Wiltshire museum, Amesbury museum, Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Trowbridge museum and the Museum of the Great Western Railway. Wiltshire Heritage Museum contains the items found in the prehistoric sites at Stonehenge and Avebury and also contain a wide collection from the Bronze Age period. Trowbridge museum gives information on the complete history of the evolution of woolen industry in this region. Salisbury museum has a separate section for Stonehenge in the form of a Stonehenge gallery. The Museum of the Great Western Railway located in Swindon is home to some of the iconic steam locomotives used centuries ago.