You should come and visit West Sussex, simply because there are tons of great activities and attractions to enjoy while you are there. You can join in the Tredegar House Folk Festival. You can even see the Wales Open, which can be fun for the whole family. You should check out the Arundel Castle if you come during the summer because this is a chance to see a real castle and learn all about England while you are there.


The next place that you should visit is Horsham, which is a town that offers a wide variety of attractions, including great shopping for all members of the family. You should stop at the Memorial Garden to enjoy some time outside and walk the Causeway to see some ancient buildings. The museum in Horsham is a great place to see, as well, if you are in the area. You should also check out the Market Square and Horsham Park. Horsham Park is greater than fifty acres and offers a chance to see the Park House, a very old building.

Chichester and the Cissbury Ring

The next place you should visit is Chichester and check out the Cissbury Ring, a massive fort with a lot of history. Take a chance to see John Edes House, a unique historical attraction. You should also be sure not to miss a chance to see the Chichester Cathedral while you are there. If you are into art, you should see the Pallant House because there is a great art gallery located there. Another activity you may enjoy is viewing the Chichester Canal and Basin, a great outdoor attraction.


The next area you will want to visit is Fishbourne. Here you will find what is left of the Fishbourne Roman Palace and see the museum associated with it. There is another great museum in that area called the Chichester District Museum. Be sure to check that out, too. Next, you should visit the Chichester harbor. You'll have a chance to see many different sailing vessels sailing and see some native birds of the sea as well. You can even go sailing yourself if you want to, which is a unique experience.

Don't miss any of these unique West Sussex attractions.