Anyone who is looking for a unique and enjoyable vacation will benefit greatly by considering a trip to the West Midlands. The West Midlands has a variety of things to see and do and is sure to offer something for everyone.

Cadbury World

Whether you are a fan of chocolate or not, you will find Cadbury World which is located in the West Midlands a fascinating destination. At Cadbury World you can learn all there is to know about chocolate and then some. Cadbury World, located in Birmingham in the West Midlands, has a visitor center that walks a visitor through the steps of creating chocolate starting with the bean and working through all the steps until the finished product you see on your grocery shelf. You will never think the same way about chocolate again after spending the day at Cadbury World!

West Midland Safari Park

Possibly one of the most stunning destinations in the West Midlands is the West Midland Safari Park, located in Birmingham. West Midland Safari Park is a wild animal preserve that covers about two hundred acres. If you like to see zoo animals that are not just penned up in a cage, you will enjoy exploring West Midlands Safari Park. There is a four mile drive you can go on and actually see the animals wandering around, so be prepared to have a lion come right up to your car. In fact you might want to make sure the windows are rolled up for your drive.

National Sealife Centre

The National Sealife Centre is kind of the aquatic sibling of the West Midland Safari Park. If you like to see sea and fresh water creatures then the National Sealife Centre is sure to fill the bill. With over sixty different displays of aquatic life, the National Sealife Centre is well worth spending a day exploring.

The West Midlands is one of those destinations that truly can keep anyone interested. With such a wide variety of attractions the only trouble you will have on your trip to the West Midlands is choosing which activity to do next.