Serving as one of the thirty-two council areas of Scotland, West Lothian is a popular tourist destination for those traveling through the United Kingdom. There are many attractions that make West Lothian an ideal destination for those making their way throughout Europe, with something that will appeal to everyone.

Linlithgow Palace is considered by most to be the premiere attraction in all of West Lothian. Located near the town’s center, the ruins of the Linlithgow Palace served as the home to many kings throughout history. Visitors to the palace can tour the ruins and also take in the sights of local flora and fauna. Several other historical buildings are scattered throughout West Lothian. St. Michael’s Parish Church is another popular destination for tourists and allows them to take in a tour while viewing beautiful stained glass windows.

Hopetoun House, a mansion constructed by Robert Adam, is especially popular during the winter holiday season, holding a Christmas Fair that begins in November. Hopetoun House also holds bonfire fireworks nights, where visitors can take in not only fireworks, but also fire jugglers and throwers. There is a cafe located on premises and also a farm shop, where many local butchers sell their wares. Visitors can also visit the tea room, ballroom, and stable block located on the premises.

West Lothian is a hot spot for golf and there are six golf courses in the immediate area. The most popular course in the area is Kingsfield Golf Centre, which offers something for every skill level: from novice to pro. There are also sports complexes available in addition to the courses where visitors can participate in Archery, Highland Games, and mountain biking. There is also a cafe on premises, the Tee Caddie Coffee Shop, where visitors can purchase snacks and light fare. Other popular golf courses in the area include Harburn Golf Course, Linlithgow Golf Club, and Deer Park Golf and Country Club.

West Lothian is a varied and unique city with lots of activities to participate in and places to see. Visitors to the area will surely enjoy themselves and there is something available in West Lothian to suit any interest.