Warwickshire is one of the fastest growing counties in England. The strong local government, highly efficient transportation systems, secure neighbourhood, friendly people, and a wide range of attractions make it a great place for tourists to explore. The county is situated in the heart of the country and it is easily accessible by flight, trains, and cabs. International visitors can get down at London and hire a private cab to reach Warwickshire. London to Warwickshire by cab takes approximately two hours. Local bus services run by private firms are also available daily. Travelling by train is also a great option. Most normal and express trains pass through Warwickshire.

Warwick Castle, St. Johns House Museum, Warwick Racecourse, St. Nicholas Park, Mill Garden, Walton Hall, and St. Mary’s Collegiate Church are some of the popular tourist hotspots. The Warwick Castle is a majestic fortress that was built in the year 1068. It is located near the River Avon and it is one of the most well preserved medieval castles in the world. Visitors should be prepared to spend a whole day at this castle. There are so many things to explore and the kids will love it. The secret dungeons, medieval siege machines, and the stunning views make it one of the best tourist spots in Warwickshire.

History lovers will definitely love the St. Johns House Museum. It is located very near to the Warwick Castle and contains some spectacular military exhibits of the Warwickshire regiment. The St. Johns House Museum is open on all days except Sunday. Warwick Racecourse is one of the oldest horse racing courses in England. It lies close to the Warwick Castle and has a rich and colourful history. Gambling lovers will definitely enjoy this place.

St. Nicholas Park is a fantastic place to spend quality time with family members. Paddling, swimming, and golf are some of the outdoor activities that one can enjoy at this park. There are no admission fees but visitors have to pay for parking facilities. International tourists should visit Warwickshire at least once in their lifetime. It’s a fantastic tourist spot that is ideal for both small and large families.