Serving as the second largest city in Wales, Swansea is located on the South West Wales coast on the Gower Peninsula and was one of the key players in the copper industry, earning the nickname ‘Copperopolis’. There is much more to this city than just copper, though, and visitors to the area will have no problem finding things to do to fill their time in Swansea.

Rhossili Bay is one of the most popular attractions in the area and has been ranked as one of the best beaches on numerous travel sites. Visitors to Rhossili Bay can take in some local wildlife viewing, surf, swim, or just lay out in the sun. There are several popular bays located in Swansea including Langland, Oxwich, and Caswell. Those who are interested in spending time outdoors in Swansea but would prefer to avoid getting sand in their shoes will find a trip to Clyne Gardens enjoyable, where visitors can take in local flora or enjoy a quiet afternoon stroll. Several public parks call Swansea home including Singleton Park and Brynmill Park.

Those who are more interested in historical or cultural attractions will enjoy the Swansea Museum, which chronicles the contributions of both past and current residents and acts as a record of the city’s history. The exhibitions change regularly and there are usually several interactive exhibits, which are great for those with children. The National Waterfront Museum is also located in Swansea and chronicles the mining and maritime industries of the city. The museum offers free admission to the public as well as activities for children of all ages and a cafe located within the museum. Visitors can also choose to picnic outside of the museum. The Dylan Thomas Birth Place is also located in Swansea and offers guided tours throughout the childhood home of Wales’ greatest poet.

There are many things to do in Swansea and, judging by its’ local attractions, it’s clear that this is a city that is proud of its’ past. These are just a few of the attractions that make Swansea a unique and enjoyable place to both live and visit.