Strabane, the second largest town in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, is nestled in between glens and beautiful forests that any hiker or sightseer would be glad to walk through. Strabane was once known for its many railways, the first being built near Strabane in 1847. Most of these railways are now defunct, but evidence of Strabane's railways still exist in town.

If you are into sports, Strabane is known for their Gaelic football team, the Strabane Sigersons. Strabane also has several football teams that play in various leagues throughout the United Kingdom. Also, if you're a fan of golf, Strabane is known for having one of the largest golf courses in Ireland. The course features 18 holes of gorgeous Strabane countryside.

Since Strabane is so close to glens and forests, one of the favorite activities of tourists who come to Strabane is angling and fishing at the River Mourne. This river lies between Strabane and Victoria Bridge and is known to be the home of many types of fish, including trout and the Atlantic salmon. These fish swim up the River Mourne during spawning season in droves to lay their eggs. Spawning season begins with the Atlantic salmon from early June to July. During excellent seasons, you can expect to continue fishing salmon all the way until October.

While out in the forests near Strabane, you'll be sure to see bird watchers near the Sperrin Mountains, just East of Strabane. The mountains are assigned as an Area of Outstanding Beauty and the area has been conserved well. Other bird watching areas are The Foyle Valley, North of Strabane and Killeter Forest, just on the western fringe of Strabane. In Killeter Forest, not only will you see birds, but you will also see many specialized plants near the boglands that are in the area.

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