South Lanarkshire can be found in the country of Scotland, just east to the city of Glasgow. It's a very pleasant community with lots of amenities and enjoyable surroundings. Being so close to the major city of Glasgow, it is also a very convenient location for those wishing to take a trip to Scotland but may not necessarily want to stay in the heart of the city.

Animals and Agriculture

Scotland has a long proud history of farming and it is still to this day one of their biggest commodities. The art of farming is beautifully put on display at the National Museum of Rural Life, which shows how farming became so prevalent in Scotland and why it's still so important today. This is a hands on experience that requires a certain amount of walking, but it is very educational and very interesting. For an interesting look at the diverse bird-population of Scotland, the Clyde Wildlife Reserve has this and many other indigenous Scottish animals.

Children's Entertainment

Fortunately, Lanarkshire is home to one of the most beloved children's entertainment productions in the country - the Biggar Puppet Theatre puts on wonderful old-style puppet shows with high production values and glow in the dark technology. Every child that comes to a show at Biggar is fixated on the performance from beginning to end. Suitable for children as young as 1 to 6, this is something that should not be missed by parents with children.


Visitors can enjoy the beautifully serene Falls of Clyde in South Lanarkshire, as well as other smaller hills and parks that make a fantastic outdoors adventure experience so close to a major city. As well as well-kept parks, there are also many golf courses that offer excellent greens and service. Combined with the nature parks and outdoor farming attractions, visiting South Lanarkshire is a great way to get a feel for the Scottish way of life.

Visits here do require a certain degree of planning, however, as there are many options for similar things (such as parks) and some are better than others. The notes offered in this guide are a great start, but it's always important to get a feel for transportation options before departing.