Bordering onto Dumfries and Galloway, East Ayrshire, and North Ayrshire, the area of South Ayrshire is remarkably filled with luscious surroundings as well as a great place to practice your golf swing on the green. This area is one of Scotland’s 32 council districts. The headquarters are located in Wellington Square, Ayr. Most of these historic buildings that belie in the area were built in 1822 - 1931, one of which consists of the Ayr Jail that was opened by King George VI.

The lands are ideal for a nice stroll out to visit a local park, and South Ayrshire has a plethora of wonderful parks and other attractions. The Craigie Park has been well used by the local residents, with its maintained lawns and gorgeous flowerbeds, this makes for a nice romantic time with your significant other when needing a nice tranquil setting away from the traffic. Or you could try your hand at challenging your date with a tennis match, the courts there are well updated. If you have children, the skateboard park is a modern addition to the Craigie Park, keeping it fresh and lively.

Go bird watching at the Castle hill Estate, a modest but well-loved park, this historical local property once housed a mansion owned by the late Patrick Ballantine in 1804 that was demolished in the late 1960’s. The woodlands on the estate are consistently being trimmed and replanted to ensure the future of it shall remain intact for generations to come.

The Ayr Harbour is a fisherman’s haven. Located on the strong and vast river Ayr, this safe anchorage is still used by ships and fishmongers alike along the southern side of the harbor, and the northern side is fit for industrial growth, used to maneuver coal and freight traffic to and fro. Hand out on the docks and feel the cool summer breeze near the harbor of South Ayrshire and take pictures of the famed little lighthouse that was erected in 1841 and still stands strong today, as well as the history of this lovely locale.