There's no doubt about it: modern life is all about the hustle and bustle. It certainly takes its toll on you. Those looking for a relaxing vacation want a quiet, rural place flourishing with natural beauty, quiet but still accessible. If you've found yourself nodding along with this paragraph, you should hear about the English county of Shropshire.


Shropshire is a county in the West Midlands area of England; it sits smack-dab in the middle of the west coast, and is known for its proximity to Wales. It is usually divided into North and South Shropshire. Each area has its own benefits, but South Shropshire is more rural.

In the Olden Days

Shropshire has a truly wonderful history. Its beautiful landscape made it desirable to rulers for hundreds of years. When the Romans ruled Britain, their capital was based in Shropshire, bringing many people to the area and giving the area a truly unique part of Roman British history. Since then, things have settled down, but its natural beauty has never faded. Accordingly, many of the towns are of historical significance.

As Far as the Eye Can See

The West Midlands has a distinct green belt, an area of lush and undeveloped land, and it extends through Shropshire. It truly is a place of incredible geography, with some of England's most notable landmarks. The Wrekin, for example, is a massive hill, atop which some of the most incredible views in Shropshire can be had. Stiperstones is a formation, a five-mile long ridge of quartzite, making it a great destination for geologists and sightseers alike. The area also boasts the Long Mynd - or long mountain - and the Clee Hills. And that's barely scratched the surface! Still, for those who don't much care for hiking, much of Shropshire consists of beautiful flatter plains. It isn't tough to see why much of the area was designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

In Modern Times

Much of Shropshire is rural and sparsely populated, although, as previously stated, South Shropshire is less populated than North Shropshire. In the North, you will find small towns such as Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Newport and Whitchurch. In the South, you will see fewer settlements, usually smaller towns, but the peace and quiet found in this area is unrivaled. If you're looking to get away from the daily grind and find yourself in a gorgeous, peaceful place, then a trip to Shropshire should be on your agenda.