An Introduction to Rutland

Rutland is one of the smallest counties in England, in terms of both size and population. Only spanning a length of 18 miles, Rutland has a mere 37,600 population and is completely landlocked near the geographic center of England.

Because of its lack of size, Rutland only contains two towns, Oakham and Uppingham. The majority of Rutland’s economy focuses on public administration, education and manufacturing. Rutland is also the smallest historic English county; this has led to the adoption of the county motto “Multum In Parvo,” which translates from Latin to “much in little,” which definitely applies to this area!

Points of Interest

Rutland Water, Europe’s largest man-made lake, is regularly voted as Rutland’s favorite tourist attraction. The beauty and sheer size of the lake has dominated the central area of Rutland ever since its completion in 1975. This reservoir is also a crucial nature reserve that is an important habitat for many species of wildfowl and ospreys.

Even though it is small, the county of Rutland is also home to many historical homes and monuments, including the Lyddinton Bede House, which dates back to the Middle Ages, Oakham Hall, the last remaining component of the twelfth century Oakham Castle, and Tolethorpe Hall, which was the home of three distinguished families for over 800 years.

Another famous attraction of Rutland are the Barnsdale Gardens; these gardens, specifically located in the parish of Exton, are where the famous television personality Geoff Hamilton presented the BBC television series “Gardeners’ World” from 1979 to 1996. What started out as a ploughed field in 1983 has been cultivated into an 8 acre place of natural beauty that encompasses 37 individual gardens and features.

Much in Little

Even though it is so small, the county of Rutland more than makes up for its lack of size in the quality of experience tourists have. The small population and area gives the entire region a small town, homey feel that enables a private, individualized tourism experience that gives visitors a truly special experience. Come visit the county of Rutland today and find out what they mean by “much in little!”