Orkney Island, a beautiful Scottish isle, is probably one of the most underrated vacation spots on the entire planet. The name "Orkney" goes all the way back to the first century and the Orkney Islands have been inhabited for at least 8,000 years or more. Why travel to Orkney you ask?

The Mainland is the largest island. A whopping 75% of the inhabitants of this beautiful landscape occupy the main island. All of your tourist needs will be met on this extraordinary mainland. You will be greeted with a gala of ferries, friendly citizens, and a breath taking landscape. There are Viking style buildings, open green fields, and probably one of the friendliest people you will meet on this planet.

The North Isle is a series of small, cozy townships with a small population of 550. As you can tell everybody knows everybody. There is not a lot of variety in activities due to the small population but it still beautiful to say the least. There are a vast number of bass fishing spots and a few restaurants. Although very beautiful, it is not an ideal place to be due to the low population and lack of activities to accommodate you and your loved ones.

The southern group of islands are a little bit denser in population. The main southern isle is Hoy. The southern Isle host several cultural events. One being the Festival of the Horse. These events are usually hosted on the third week of august on a Saturday. You will see a colorful array of people, floats, food, and parades. Great way to close out any Scottish summer!

If you are ever in Scotland you should visit these historic islands. They are the heart of this historic nation and will keep you and your loved ones occupied and satisfied with your vacation. Visiting Scotland and not going to these islands is like buying a ticket to your favorite amusement park and not going on any rides. It is the centerpiece of the glory, history, and culture of Scotland. So make sure you stop by and enjoy these beautiful isles.