Local Travel

Planning an unbelievable trip of a lifetime to Omagh does not have to be stressful or costly. There are plenty of cheap and affective modes of transportation to and around the city of Omagh. Hourly buses from either Belfast or Derry go directly to Omagh and pass through beautiful scenic towns along the way. Once within the city limits of Omagh it is easiest to explore the town by foot. The downtown area of Omagh is the best place to stay while visiting as it provides most of the sightseeing opportunities.

Local Activities

Be sure to set time aside for the Ulster American Folk Park, a prime destination famous for being the residence of Thomas Mellon before he emigrated to Pennsylvania. The Strule Arts Center is another popular destination with its modern design and urban art revival.

There is a longstanding tradition in Omagh of taking a casual walk through the array of street bars. Don’t forget to sample the traditional Buckfast wine tonic is made in Devon and is widely imbibed in this area. If affordability is a must make sure to get the order “carryout”, as pubs do not offer many drink specials.


No matter what gustatory delights one may prefer there is something for everyone ranging from Chinese and Indian, to more local eateries specializing in British cuisine. Try sampling some dishes at The Sperrin for English dishes or Kampar for Chinese, both are very highly recommended. For seasonal, fresh Irish dishes check out Vanilla with its expansive tea menu.

What to Pack

There is a strong chance it will rain or snow on your trip, depending on what time of year you arrive. During the winter months it can get well below the freezing, between 20-40 degrees F, so it is vital to pack warm and insulating clothing. During the summer months the temperature is more temperate, in the low to mid 60’s F, but still chances of rain throughout the week making a raincoat and rain boots essential pieces in one’s wardrobe. The spring is a great time to visit Omagh, as there are more clear sunny skies and warmer weather.