Northumberland is a small county in North East England well known for picturesque coastlines, rolling hills, majestic mountains, and historic castles. It’s a sparsely populated county that lies close to Cumbria and Durham. Farne Islands, Kielder Observatory, St. Aiden Beach, Cragside Gardens, and Bamburgh Castle are some of the popular tourist attractions. Northumberland is easily accessible by both train and flight. Tourists can get down at the Newcastle International Airport and take a bus service or a taxi. Nexus operates bus services to Northumberland throughout the day. Most trains also pass through Newcastle Central Railway Station.

International tourists should visit Farne Islands at least once in their lifetime. It’s a gorgeous island that contains a wide variety of wildlife habitats. Arctic Terns, Grey Seals, Herring Gull, Barn Swallow, Puffins, Cormorant, and Mallard are some rare species of breeding birds that can be found on this island. Farne Island is not just a bird watcher paradise. It’s also a very popular scuba diving hotspot. The Kielder Observatory is an advanced ground-based observatory that is located near the Scottish border. Both teens and adults will love this beautifully designed observatory. It is open on all weekdays and regularly conducts nightwatch events for the public.

The St. Aiden Beach is a gorgeous beach with a long coastline. It’s a great place to spend some leisure time with family members. It’s perfect for dog walking, beach volleyball, jogging, and kite flying. The low tides, golden sands, and the glorious views make it one of the best beaches in the world. The Cragside Gardens is the home of industrialist Lord Armstrong. It’s an interesting visitor attraction that features a wide range of indigenous gadgetry.

The Bamburgh castle is a pristine castle with lots of interesting exhibits. It’s a great heritage site that provides stunning views of the battlefield and surroundings. The Bamburgh castle has a very rich history and its one of the best preserved archaeological sites in England. Northumberland may be a small place but it offers plenty of attractions for visitors. The tranquil atmosphere, friendly people, and the secure neighbourhood make it a great place to visit.