If you are looking for a nice place to take a visit, you might well want to consider taking a trip to Newtownabbey. Newtownabbey has some great things to see and do.


There are three nice museums in Newtownabbey, Museum at the Mill, Sentry Hill Historic House and The White House. Museum at the Mill is an old flax mill from the 1800s. You can visit this museum and get an idea of how flax used to be spun. Sentry Hill Historic House is a beautiful house that you can look through and learn a little bit more about how the inhabitants used to live. The White House was built over 400 years ago and was used as a base by the Luftwaffe bombers during World War II. This house has been restored and is available for visitors to come and tour.

Bird Watching

For those who enjoy bird watching, Newtownabbey is a great destination. This is because Newtownabbey has various habits for birds. Some of the birds which are available for viewing are Oystercatchers, Great Crested Grebes, Curlews, Black-tailed Godwits and Redshanks. If you are a birder and have not yet been able to see some of these birds in their native habitat, this alone is a good reason to come and visit Newtownabbey.

Outdoor Activities

Those who take a more active view of vacations will be delighted to find out that Newtownabbey has a variety of outdoor activities available. If you like cycling, you will find several good bike trails in the area, such as the Lagan and Lough Cycle Way. Bicycles are available for hire locally. If you prefer horseback riding this activity is also available. There are golf courses in the area such as Ballyclare Golf Club and Ballyearle Arts and Leisure Centre for those who like to spend a day on the links.

No matter whether you prefer museums, spending time looking at birds, or doing some outdoor activities, Newtownabbey has something to offer to you. You owe it to yourself to take your next vacation at Newtownabbey, you will not be sorry you visited this gem of an area.