Located in North West England, the metropolitan area of Merseyside is a bustling center of growth and productivity, with a population of over one million residents. Merseyside is made up of five boroughs: Knowsley, St. Helens, Wirral, Sefton, and the popular city of Liverpool and the town gets its’ name from the nearby River Mersey. Given the fact that it’s such a popular area in the United Kingdom, there are plenty of things for visitors to do when visiting Merseyside.

Cultural Attractions

One of the chief things that the area is known for is its’ cultural attractions and landmarks. Those who were alive during Beatlemania will definitely want to check out the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which are located in the Liverpool section of the county. Fans can also see the Casbah Coffee Club, where the band got its start, and enjoy a guided one-hour tour.

There are also several cathedrals located in the area that are popular tourist attractions. Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is, perhaps, the most popular religious site in the area. Located in this cathedral is the Elizabeth Hoare Embroidery Gallery, which showcases a collection of Victorian and Edwardian embroidery. The Lady Chapel, The Great Space, and The Tower are also popular attractions at this particular venue and visitors are welcome to worship here as well.

Just a stones’ throw away from Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is its Roman Catholic counterpart, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Here, visitors are also free to worship, and can also take in the beautiful artwork exhibitions that are often mounted in the cathedral and crypt. Guided tours are available for those who book in advance and the cathedral holds ten choir services weekly for visitors to enjoy.

Outdoor Activities

There are several popular outdoor attractions in the area of Merseyside as well. One of the most popular, family-friendly, attractions in the immediate area is Knowsley Safari Park. In addition to being able to view some of the most majestic wild creatures from the safety of your car, there is also an area where patrons can get up close to smaller, less wild, animals. There are also several rides available for younger children on the premises.

Another popular wildlife viewing area is Formby Point in Liverpool. Here, visitors can observe the beautiful sand dunes in the natural landscape as well as bird watch and see smaller animals such as foxes, squirrels, and newts. There are walking paths available as well as guided tours and Formby Point is dog-friendly, so those with canine companions are more than welcome.

Whether it’s learning more about The Beatles, viewing the stunning art and architecture in one of the local cathedrals, or taking in a safari tour, it is certain that the bubbling area of Merseyside has something that will cater to almost any taste or interest.