Manchester is a large area occupied in the north of the UK. Over recent years Manchester has undergone dramatic renewal and is considered to be one of the best places to visit in the country. Greater Manchester has something for everybody - the vibrant night life caters to young people with various interests, and the city's sporting and recreational attractions are the lifeblood of this passionate county.


It used to be true that Manchester was synonymous with sports teams - notably Manchester United, and while that does still hold true to some extent today, Manchester has also come into its own as a relevant, modern place to be. However, teams such as Manchester United and Manchester City continue to draw large numbers from all over the world, and a visit to Old Trafford should be near the top of the to-do list. More than just a soccer football pitch, this stadium has a museum that showcases the long and beautiful history of this beloved team.

Live Music

Manchester is a great place for younger people to go out and have a great time - particularly those who enjoy watching hot new bands play in intimate venues. The Night and Day Cafe puts on indie bands from all over the world, along with acts from other genres. This is a great way to spend an evening and gives an accurate representation of the music scene in Greater Manchester. However, for something truly special, visitors would be well advised to go to the Deaf Institute. This venue can be found in an old and grand stone building. It has three separate levels and doubles as a general bar as well as a unique place to watch hot new bands.

Museums & Architecture

Manchester is home to many exquisite churches and museums that document the long and rich history of Manchester's growth. A notable church is St Giles - this is a catholic church that boasts an impressive interior and can be enjoyed by anybody that has an appreciation for well-maintained architecture. In terms of documented history, the People's History Museum allows visitors to take a look at the lives of Manchester residents over the course of its history. This is a very interesting and different take on a local museum and one that has proved particularly popular with locals for its authentic representation of Manchester life.