Tucked snuggly in the east of England lies the beautiful and majestic land of Lincolnshire. It is also considered to be the second largest of England counties.

Historic Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is also the birthplace and home of the great scientist Sir Issac Newton, Woolshorpe Manor. Newton’s school, Kings Grantham, still functions today and is said to be one of the greatest schools in the country due to its award-winning music and service programs. Lincolnshire is also associated with historic individuals such as Henry IV of England and poet Alfred Lord Tennyson, just to name a few on a long list of other historic and notable individuals.

Take in the Sights

There is much to do and see within Lincolnshire. For fun in the sun and water, one must visit their coastal resorts and towns, considered some of the most known seaside resorts within the United Kingdom. The three most famous of these county seaside resorts are Skegness, neighbor to large village resorts of Ingoldmells and Chapet St. Leonards; Mablethorpe, neighbor to resorts of Trusthorpe and Sutton-on-Sea and Cleethorpes, next to large resort Humberston. For fun in the sun and on land, there are farm parks for the kids to enjoy the company of animals. There’s also hiking along Viking way, or walking Tennyson Trail.

Big Events

One of the biggest events Lincolnshire holds is an air show. Typically during the first weekend of July, RAF International holds the legendary Waddington Air Show, an exciting two day event. It is noted that 35 countries across the globe have participated in the show since he began. After witnessing such a dazzling event, visit the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at Bomber Command Airfield.

Some of the best-known attractions and landmarks include the Lincoln Cathedral along with the Castle and Steep Hill. The Lincoln Cathedral, named The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, also referred to as St. Mary’s Cathedral, seats the Bishop of Lincoln in the Church of England. The building of this historic cathedral actually began in 1088 and was added on to for several decades after that.

Travel back in time by visiting the historic sights of the Lincoln Castle. Housed within the Castle is the famous Lincoln Magna Carta. Don’t forget to see the unique medieval manor house Gainsborough Old Hall located in the center of Gainsborough, visit the Museum of Lincolnshire Life (full of info dating back to 1750 to present day) and witness timeless ingenuity by observing the Ellis Windmill, a still-working 18th century windmill.

Fun Famous Facts

Lincolnshire is also no stranger to the Hollywood scene. Lincoln Cathedral was used as a double for Westminster Abbey in the Da Vinci Code and the Brughley House, located in Stamford, is where the re-make of Pride and Prejudice was filmed.