The Scottish Highlands can be found in the northern areas of Scotland. These areas are populated as the weather tends to be habitable, but the number of residents becomes increasingly sparse further north into the Highlands. Those visiting Scotland should in fact make an effort to explore this relatively small area as it contains a very high number of natural scenery attractions, from mountains, to rivers, to wildlife and more. It can be somewhat tricky traveling around in the Highlands but it should all be considered part of the overall adventure.


Mountains are a beautiful thing and something that people will travel all over the world to see. There aren't any mountains in Scotland that quite reach the same astonishing heights as ones found in other parts of the world, but there are some stunning mountains that form part of the wonderful landscape. The largest mountain, Ben Nevis is large enough to extend beyond the clouds, and is the largest peak in the UK. Every year, many people attempt to travel up the mountain in hopes of reaching the top.

Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands are truly a one of a kind experience, located at the most northerly point of the UK, they form a cluster of tiny islands that hold a lot of character. Some of the smaller islands may only be home to one or two people, and some islands are completely uninhabited. The sparseness of these islands can be surreal experience, but it is underpinned by the natural beauty that pervades every step one takes in Orkney. During certain times of the year, penguins can be found, along with other wildlife that is typically never seen in the UK.

Other Attractions

For modern attractions, the bigger cities further south of the Highlands can accommodate, with all of the usual pubs, bars, restaurants and venues. However, on a trip, it would feel like a waste to visit this part of Scotland not venture out into the untapped wilderness. Scotland has a deep love affair with golf and trains, and there are many golf courses that span all across this part of the country, as well as unique trains (including steam trains) that can travel to extreme northern points. Getting around the Highlands won't always be fast or easy but it will be fun.