Hertfordshire is an area of England in the UK that lies just north of Greater London. Hertfordshire is often considered to be something of a relaxed, country-style holiday destination as it is home to many parks, quaint hotels, churches, and small boutique style shops. Being a relatively large county, there is of course a certain degree of diversity and all of the modern recreations are taken care of within the city centers. However, it is the winding trails, beautifully maintained parks and historic landmarks that makes Hertfordshire a wonderful place to visit. Many also enjoy the county as a destination because London is only a short drive away. This guide will highlight some of the most beloved attractions of the county and outline any other necessary information needed for visitors to take note of.

Parks and Nature

Hertfordshire is known for being a particularly beautiful area of the United Kingdom, with it's many public parks and wildlife exhibitions, it's no wonder that many people flock there for a break away from the hustle and bustle. One of the most visited locations is Ashridge Park. This park has been wonderfully taken care of over the years and is able to offer different styles of park enjoyment - there are scenic paths where strollers, joggers, and bikers can take. Alternatively, there are also very manageable woodland trails that offer a slightly more in-depth look at the woods and nature of Hertfordshire.

Alternatively, the Paradise Wildlife Park is something of a zoo with a twist. This 'park' is known for its selection of big cats - the lions and the tigers are very healthy and a glorious sight to behold. This park prides itself in education and visitor interaction, which makes it a very enjoyable day out for a family.

Historic Landmarks

The UK is never short on historic buildings - wherever you go, there will typically an ancient church or abbey that can be enjoyed - often with a tour guide. Hertfordshire has a spectacular sight by the name of St Albans Cathedral. This cathedral is considered to be the oldest in the entire country, and certainly one of the oldest in the world. The interior of this cathedral is stunning - the blend of styles spanning multiple eras and influences can be felt from one wall to the next. Even for those who may not be explicitly religious, this building can be admired from an architectural standpoint by anybody with an interest.

Something Different

For those that wish to experience something a little different, there is something of an unusual attraction in Hertfordshire - a ski slope. This slope is indoors but it creates the atmosphere of a skiing adventure rather well, and is run by experts. The appropriately named 'Snow Centre' is a fantastic day out and a great way to prepare for the next skiing trip.

Hertfordshire also offers a number of restaurants, including Indian cuisine, English style cafes, and Greek restaurants located in certain districts. The availability of diverse foods, people and attractions are surprisingly abundant for a county that prides itself on being particularly laid back and historic. The beauty of Hertfordshire is that it is able to cater for people of all age groups and interests - the relaxed feel of this home county does great things for the mind, body and soul.