Located in north eastern England, Durham is most well known for its’ local landmarks and collection of cathedrals and castles that are scattered throughout the city.

Local Landmarks, Castles, and Cathedrals

Widely regarded as the most popular attraction in all of Durham, Durham Cathedral mixes together both church and castle to provide a unique and memorable experience for all who visit it. Located above the River Wear, this daunting structure is an impressive exhibition in Gothic architecture, with flying buttresses, drum columns, and a nave roof. Visitors can choose to worship within the cathedral or simply explore the building and the surrounding grounds. Occasionally, visitor’s access will be limited or restricted due to special services being held by the cathedral so it is best for any potential visitor to call and check for availability first.

Durham Castle is another impressive structure located within the city and is also a popular tourist attraction. The castle serves as the home to Durham University, which operates during the academic year. Tours are available, many times with a Durham University student acting as the guide.

Museums and Theaters

The DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, located on the northern edge of Durham, serves as one of the most popular attractions in the area. The DLI Museum explores the history of the Durham Light Infantry and includes artifacts such as medals, weapons, headgear, and uniforms. Durham Art Gallery houses modern and contemporary artworks, with everything from watercolors to photography being housed there. There is also a gift shop located on the premises, as well as a tea shop that sells light refreshments.

Another interesting museum located in Durham is the Oriental Museum. Located amongst the colleges of Durham University, the Oriental Museum showcases collections of artworks from the eastern half of the world, including China, Japan, India, and Egypt. The museum also hosts exhibitions from outside guests. A gift shop is located within the museum, as well as a tea shop.

There are many landmarks and things to see in the city of Durham, but the city itself is sure to be a point of interest for anyone who visits it.