Located in Northern Ireland, Dungannon is a mid-sized town with a population of just under 16,000 residents. Best known for its contribution to the agricultural and linen industries, Dungannon also has a lot to offer visitors in terms of things to see and do, including a plethora of outdoor attractions.

Gardens and Historic Sites

Dungannon has several popular outdoor attractions including parks and wildlife viewing areas that are scattered throughout the town’s borders. One of the most popular outdoor attractions in the area is Argory, a nearby garden. Here, visitors can tour the grounds, take a stroll on the nearby Blackwater River, and take in the beautifully manicured landscape. They can also tour an old-style country home that is located on the premises. There is also a cafe open on the grounds that serves light fare. Visitors with young children will love to visit during the Easter season, as an Easter egg hunt is held on the premises. Overall, Argory is a nice way to spend a quiet afternoon.

Moy Village is another popular outdoor destination in Dungannon. Here, visitors can do a little architectural sight-seeing and take in the old-style Gregorian buildings located on the premises. There is also an old-style pub, Tomneys, open to patrons. Many visit Moy Village for the music, as there are often band performances located within the square, and there is a hotel located on the premises.

Parks and Wildlife Observation

Peatlands Park is another popular outdoor attraction in Dungannon. Perhaps the most popular park in the area, Peatlands encompasses more than 250 hectares and has been designated a National Nature Reserve. Here, visitors can take in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature, observing the local flora and fauna. There is also a railway that runs in the park intermittently and there are plenty of events held at Peatlands Park over the course of the year, including International Bog Day.

Parkanaur Forest Park is another popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts in Dungannon. Located within a woodland area, visitors to Parkanaur Forest Park can observe local wildlife, including white tail deer. This is an ideal location for shutterbugs who are especially interested in wildlife and scenic photography, as there are many beautiful vistas within the park to capture. There are a variety of walking paths available, many of them along streams and rivers.

Whether it’s live music, white tail deer, or Easter egg hunts - the outdoor activities in Dungannon offer a varied and unique experience for anyone who visits them; with something available for any age or interest.