One of the largest and oldest cities in Scotland is Dundee City, which is located in the North East on the north bank of the river Firth of Tay.

The city has the Roman Catholic Church, which ancient building, is St Mary's Tower. Besides this, there are other elegant Catholic churches found in Dundee, one of which is St Paul's Episcopal Cathedral (1833) that was built by Sir George Gilbert.

Dundee City

There are many castles found in the city, which interprets the culture of the Modern Era. Dundee is an educational center, besides being a rich employment center. The textile industry is strong in Dundee. There are a number of jute spinning mills spread over the area.

The city has a great public transport system. Dundee’s main bus terminus is the Seagate Bus Station. Tay Bridge Station and Broughty Ferry station are the two main railway stations in Dundee.

Places to Visit

Scotland’s Dundee is the vibrant ‘City of Discovery’ so that it encircled with so many places for foreign tourists to enjoy and relax. One of the must-visit locations of Dundee is the Barnhill Rock Garden. The next awesome fun-zone in Dundee is Monikie Country Park, in which there are numerous land-sports and water-sports to play and enjoy, particularly for kids and adolescents.


Dundee is also a great entertainment base. It has a wealth of new talent and one can see local bands playing every night of the week. Another enjoyable place is Caird Hall where one can have fun with music, dance, and other performances. One of the entertainment centers to check out the Rep Theatre, Dundee, where you can see very impressive ballets and theatrical productions.

Finally, for shopping, the Wellgate and Overgate attract tourists and locals without fail.

Overall, Dundee makes for an excellent different option from Edinburgh and Glasgow, and is in many ways a more laid-back city that still offers all of the same types of attractions without the expense. Check out Dundee if you have the chance, and you are unlikely to be disappointed.