If you're looking to see one of the most stunning and varied landscapes in all of England, then the county of Dorset may well be your dream destination.

Dorset sits on the South West coast of England and has no shortage of beautiful natural features, with chalk downlands - beautiful white-faced cliffs - and other natural attractions featuring clay valleys and limestone formations. Durdle Door is one such formation, a naturally-formed limestone arch extended out into the beautiful blue water.

Due to its favorable positioning on the coast, the winters are quite mild, making it a great year-round destination. And if you've pictured England as perpetually rainy, fear not: Dorset is one of the sunniest places in all of the UK.

The United Kingdom guards its lovely landscape well, and much of Dorset has been officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Its Jurassic Coast has been designated by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site, and consistently considered to be one of the most incredible natural wonders in England. Surely so many people can't be wrong about its superb sights!

A Look Back in Time

There's much more to Dorset than its looks, though! History buffs may well know Dorset for the pivotal role it played in D-Day, perhaps the biggest turning point of World War II, in which the Allies finally saw hope for a victory against the Axis powers. The Keep Military Museum is a great destination for these travelers. Many of the structures in Dorset are historical; one of the most renowned, Portland Castle, was ordered built by Henry VIII.

A Sensory Delight

For travelers looking for cultural events, look no further. Many an artist has been inspired by the exquisite landscape. Accordingly, Dorset is a thriving cultural hub, with many theaters, and over 30 museums for every taste. Give your ears a treat at one of the area's many concert halls. If you're lucky, you may get to hear a tune or two from the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, one of England's most renowned orchestras.

Whether you're interested in visiting the county of Dorset due to its history, its museums, its scenery, or all three, you surely won't regret a trip to this unforgettable region.