Location and Significance

If you are planning on an excursion to Ireland or the United Kingdom in general, Derry City is one of the must-see destinations that should be on your list! Derry, also sometimes known as Londonderry, is the fourth-largest city in all of Ireland. Derry City is located in the most northwestern region of Ireland and boasts a population of over 85,000. This city has historic roots that date inhabitants of the city back to the 6th century, and is the only remaining city in Ireland that is a completely intact walled city, which were built from 1613-1619. The official motto of Derry City translates from Latin to “life, truth, victory.”

Points of Interest

Derry City is one of the most beautiful destinations in Ireland and is well known across Europe for its stunning architecture. Popular destinations include St. Eugene’s Cathedral, a Roman Catholic Church constructed in the 19th century, the Bishop Street Courthouse that celebrates the Greek Revival, and the Guildhall, a 100 year old building where local representatives gather and meet. The unique beauty of Derry City’s buildings demonstrates Derry’s importance as an urban and living center throughout the history of Ireland, and depicts the significance of the Victorian Age on this area.

In addition, Derry City has a variety of museums and cultural areas for tourists to learn more about the history and significance of the surrounding area and the people that come from it. Popular museums and learning centers include the Amelia Earhart Centre and Wildlife Sanctuary, the Foyle Valley Railway Centre, and the Museum of Free Derry.


Lonely Planet, the world’s largest guidebook producer in the world, named Derry City the “fourth best city in the world to see in 2013!” This is largely because of the aforementioned museums, but also because of vibrant shopping centers and the historic pubs of Waterloo Street. The economic boost Derry receives from tourism allows the city to constantly improve, with projects directed at things such as keeping city walls intact and redevelopments. As you can see, Derry City is one of the iconic destinations not only in Ireland, but in all of the United Kingdom!